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Erkki Koskenniemi Books and Articles

Erkki Koskenniemi Books and Articles

Erkki Koskenniemi 21.1.2024



Der philostrateische Apollonios (CHL, 94; Helsinki: Societas      Scientiarum Fennica, 1991).

Apollonios      von Tyana in der neutestamentlichen Exegese. Forschungsbericht      und Weiterführung der Diskussion  (WUNT, 2.61. Tübingen: Mohr, 1994).

The Old Testament Miracle-Workers in Early      Judaism (WUNT 2.206 Tübingen: Mohr, 2005).

The      Exposure of Infants among Jews and Christians in Antiquity (The      Social World of Biblical Antiquity, Second Series, 4. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix      Press, 2009).

All Life Belongs to God  (Eugene, Or.: Wipf and Stock, 2012).

Papyri      Turkuenses (P. Turku): Die Papyri im Besitz der Universitätsbibliothek      Turku, hrsg      von Heikki Koskenniemi unter Mitwirkung von Erkki Koskenniemi und Johannes      Koskenniemi (Commentantiones Humanarum Litterarum 131. Helsinki: Societas      Scientiarum Fennica, 2014).

Greek Writers and Philosophers      in Philo and Josephus (Studies in Philo of Alexandria; Leiden: Brill, 2019)

Edited Volumes

Arkkila, Reijo, Erkki Koskenniemi and      Seppo Suokunnas, eds., Jumalan kansan      tie: Simo Kivirannan 60-vuotisjuhlakirja. Helsinki: SLEY-kirjat, 1996.

Koskenniemi, Erkki, Timo      Nisula and Olli-Pekka Vainio, eds., Kadonnut      Horisontti: Näkökulmia uskoon, valtaan ja totuuteen, Helsinki: Arkki, 2006.

Koskenniemi, Erkki and      Pekka Lindqvist, eds., Rewritten      Biblical Figures, SRB 3; Vaajakoski; Åbo Akademi University and      Eisenbrauns, 2010.

Fröhlich, Ida and Erkki Koskenniemi, (eds.),      Evil and the Devil, LNTS; Bloomsbury T& Clark      2013.

Koskenniemi, Erkki and Cor  de Vos, eds. Cult and      Holy Places,      SRB 5. Åbo Akademi University and Eisenbrauns, 2014.

 Sven-Olav Back and Erkki Koskenniemi (eds)      Institutions of      the Emerging Church  (Library of New Testament      Studies, 305; Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2016)

Erkki      Koskenniemi and David Willgren Davage (eds.), David, Messianism,      and Eschatology: Ambiguity in the Reception History of the Book of      Psalms in Early Judaism and Christianity. Studies in the Reception History of the Bible 10 (Network for the Study of the Reception      History of the Bible and Åbo Akademi      University: Eisenbrauns, Penn State University Press, 2020).

Articles in International Journals and Books

Koskenniemi, Erkki, ”Die religiösen Tendenzen      des Philostratos in der Vita Apollonii Tyanensis.” in Siegfried Jäkel, Heikki Koskenniemi      and Vappu Pyykkö (eds),  Philosophie und Literatur in der      Antike (Annales universitatis Turkuensis, Ser B, 174; Turku: Turun yliopisto, 1986), 107-117.

“Apollonius      of Tyana - A Typical theios aner?,”      JBL 117 (1998): 455-467.

“Greeks, Egyptians and Jews in the      Fragments of Artapanus,”      JSP 13 (2002): 17-31

Erkki Koskenniemi -      Kirsi Nisula - Jorma Toppari, ”Wine Mixed with Myrrh (Mark 15,23) and crurifragium     (John 19,31-32): Two Details of the Passion Narratives,”  JSNT 27 (2005):  379-391.

“Can A Mother Forget      the Baby at Her Breast? ... “ Child-Exposure among Jews and Christians”. Whitefield Briefing 10/2 (April      2005).

“Iannes redivivus and the Help from      Beelzebub (Mark 3:22)”. in Antti Mustakallio (ed.) in      collaboration with Heikki Leppä and Heikki Räisänen  Lux Humana, Lux Aeterna: Essays on      Biblical and Related Themes in Honour of Lars Aejmelaeus (Finnish      Exegetical Society, Helsinki. V&R: Göttingen, 2005), 62-70.

”The Function of the Miracle-stories in      Philostratus' Vita Apollonii Tyanensis”in Michael Labahn and Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte (eds), Wonders Never Cease: The Purpose of      Narrating Miracle Stories in the New Testament and Its Religious      Environment (LNTS, 288; London – New York: T&T Clark 2006)      71-83.

”Philo and Classical Drama” in Jacob      Neusner, Alan J. Avery-Peck, Antti Laato, Risto Nurmela, and Karl-Gustav      Sandelin (eds), Ancient Israel, Judaism, and Christianity in Contemporary      Perspective: Essays in Memory of Karl-Johan Illman (Lanham: University      Press of America 2006), 137-152.

“Josephus and Greek Poets” in Thomas L.      Brodie (ed.) The Intertextuality of the Epistles  (Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix, 2006), 46-60.

“Moses – a Well Educated Man. A      Look to Educational Ideal in the Early Judaism,” JSP 17 (2008):      281-296.

“Traditional Roles Inverted” Biblische      Zeitschrift 52 (2008): 261-268.

“’Remember Lot’s Wife’: Gen      19:1-29 Rewritten in Early Judaism and in the New Testament.” in Antti Laato and Jacques      van Ruiten (eds) Rewritten Bible Reconsidered: Proceedings of      the Conference in Karkku, Finland, August 24-26 2006 (SRB, 1;  Åbo Akademi / Eisenbrauns: Vajaakoski      2008), 125-147.

Erkki Koskenniemi – Pekka Lindqvist,      “Rewritten Bible, Rewritten Stories” in Antti Laato and Jacques van Ruiten (eds),      Rewritten Bible Reconsidered: Proceedings of the Conference in      Karkku, Finland, August 24-26 2006. (SRB,1; Åbo Akademi / Eisenbrauns:      Vajaakoski 2008), 11-39.

“The Religious-Historical Background of      the New Testament Miracles.” in J. Harold Ellens  (ed.), Miracles: God, Science,      and Psychology in the Paranormal  vol. I :  Religious and Spiritual Events (Westport: Praeger, 2008), 77-86.

“The Old Testament Figures as Miracle      Workers in Early Judaism” in J. Harold Ellens (ed.),  Miracles: God, Science, and      Psychology in the Paranormal  vol. I :  Religious and Spiritual Events. (Westport:      Praeger, 2008), 106-113.

“The Philostratean Apollonius as a      Teacher” in Kristoffel Demoen and Danny Praet (eds), Theios Sophistes. Essays on Flavius Philostratus’ Vita Apollonii (Mnemosyne      Supplements; 305. Leiden / Boston: Brill, 2009), 321-334.

“Forgotten Guardians 

and Matt 18,10,” Tyndale Bulletin  61 (2010): 119-130.

“Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife (Gen.      39:6b-20): A Retold Story Used in Early Jewish      Ethical Instruction”, in Erkki Koskenniemi and Pekka Lindqvist,  Rewritten Biblical Figures (SRB, 3;      Vajaakoski, Åbo Akademi / Eisenbrauns, 2010), 131-147

”Right to Life and Jewish-Christian Ethics      in the Roman World: A Case Study of the Fighting Men and the Unhappy Birth”,      in Antti Laato and Pekka Lindqvist (eds),  Encounters of the Children      of Abraham from Ancient to Modern Times. Edited. by. Leiden: Brill, 2010),      47-73.

“Philo and Greek Poets,”  JSJ  41 (2010): 301-322.

“The Famous Liar and the Apostolic Truth,”      Filologia Neotestamentaria  24 (2011), 59-69.

“The Gospel of Luke and the Militant      Spirit”,  in Sven-Olav Back and Matti      Kankaanniemi (eds), Voces      Clamantium in Deserto: Essays in Honor of Kari Syreeni (Studier i exegetic och judaistik utgivna      av Teologiska fakulteten vid Åbo Akademi, 11. Åbo: Åbo Akademi, 2012),      149-162.

“Miracles of the Devil and His Assistants      in Early Judaism and Their Influence on the Gospel of Matthew,” in Ida      Fröhlich and Erkki Koskenniemi (eds), Evil      and the Devil (LNTS, 481; London: T & T Clark, 2013), 84-97.

“Philo and Sophists,” in Lautaro Roig      Lanzillotta and Israel Muñoz Gallarte (eds),  Greeks, Jews, and Christians:      Historical, Religious and Philological Studies in Honor of Jesús Peláez      del Rosal (Estudios de Filologia Neotestamentaria, 10; Cordoba:      Ediciones El Almendro, 2013), 253-279.

“Philo and Classical Education”, in Reading      Philo: A Handbook to Philo of      Alexandria. Edited by Torrey Seland (Grand Rapids. MI: Eerdmans, 2014),      102-128.

“Legal Texts Rewritten? Some Methodological Aspects” in Erkki Koskenniemi and Cor de Vos      (eds), Cult and Holy Places (SRB, 5; Åbo: Åbo Akademi / Eisenbrauns      2014), 27-50.

“Apollonius of Tyana, the Greek Miracle Workers in the Time of Jesus      and the New Testament”, in Bernd Kollmann/Ruben Zimmermann (ed.), Hermeneutik der      frühchristlichen Wundererzählungen,(WUNT, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck,      2014), 165-181.

"'For We are Unaware of      His Schemes' Satan and Cosmological Dualism in the Gentile Mission",      in Jan Dochhorn, Susanne Rudnig-Zelt, Benjamin Wold  (hg / eds),      Das Böse, der Teufel und Dämonen – Evil, the Devil, and Demons (Tübingen: Mohr      [Siebeck], 2016), 113-125.

-, “The Religious Authorities      in Paul and the Pastorals.” in Sven-Olav Back and Erkki Koskenniemi (eds)      Institutions of      the Emerging Church  (Library of New Testament      Studies, 305; Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2016).

“Back to the Paradise: Adam and Eve in      Romanos Melodos“ in Antti Laato and Lotta Valve (eds), Adam and Eve Story in Jerwish,      Christian and Islamic Perspectives (SRB, 8; Turku / Winona Lake: Åbo      Akademi University / Eisenbrauns, 2017).

“When Sin Is Gone: Longevity of Human      Beings in Early Judaism”, in Antti Laato and Lotta Valve (eds), Life of Adam and Eve: Using Jewish Traditions and Confronting      Gnostic Reversed Exegesis (SRB 9; Turku / Winona Lake: Åbo Akademi      University / Eisenbrauns, 2018), 111-130.

“The God of the Philosophers, and the God      of Israel,” in Francesca Alesse and Ludovica De Luca (eds), Philo of Alexandria and Greek Myth:      Narratives, Allegories, and Arguments (Studies in Philo of Alexandria      10; Leiden: Brill, 2019), 129–152.

“Miracles and Miracle Workers", in      Daniel Gurtner and Loren T. Stuckenbruck (eds) T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second      Temple Judaism 2. 494-496 (London: T&T Clark, 2019).

Miracles, “Judaism. Second      Temple and Hellenistic Judaism.” EBR Online (2020)

“Dangerous Songs: Psalms, Violence, and Resistance in Late Second      Temple Times”, in Erkki Koskenniemi and David Willgren      Davage (eds.), David, Messianism, and Eschatology: Ambiguity in      the Reception History of the Book of Psalms in Early Judaism and      Christianity. Studies in the Reception History of the Bible 10      (Network for the Study of the Reception History of the Bible and Åbo Akademi      University: Eisenbrauns, Penn State University Press, 2020), 147-172

Miracles, “Judaism. Second      Temple and Hellenistic Judaism.” EBR Online (2020)

“Forgetting      an Epic Battle: Did the Early Church Understand the Debate between Paul      and his Judaistic Opponents? Preliminary Notes on the Role of the Torah in      the Early Church”, in Antti Laato (ed), The Challenge of the Mosaic Torah      in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Leiden: Brill, 2021), 143-168.

“Josephus: God and Gods”, in Egbert Schlarb (ed.), Den Orient erforschen, mit Orthodoxen leben: Festschrift für Martin Tamcke zum Ende seiner aktiven Dienstzeit (GOF 1.61; Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2021), 351-372.

“Josephus and the Exodus”, in Beate Kowalski and Susan E. Docherty (eds), The Reception of Exodus Motifs in Jewish and Christian Literature “Let My People Go!” (Themes in Biblical Narrative, 30; Leiden: Brill, 2021), 156-176.

“No Star from Jacob, No Lion from Judah. Josephus and the Blessing to All the Nations”, in Pekka Lindqvist and Lotta Valve (eds), Herald of Good Tidings: Essays on the Bible, Prophecy, and the Hope of Israel in Honour of Antti Laato (Hebrew Bible Monographs 97; Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2021), 160-190.

“Excellent, but How? Abraham in Josephus”  in Timo Nisula, Anni Maria Laato, and Pablo Irizar (eds) Religious Polemics and Encounters in Late Antiquity (Leiden: Brill, 2021).  27-43

Erkki Koskenniemi, ”Philo and Rome: A Dramatic Change in His Thoughts”, The Studia Philonica Annual 35 (2023), 115-138

Articles written in Finnish

1. ”Korinton naiset ja amerikkalaiset lainausmerkit. TA 89 (1984), 200-202.

2. ”Yliopistoeksegetiikka ja kristillinen raamatunselitys.” Pages 48-53 in  Elävä ja voimallinen sana. Studia in honorem episcopi Eero Lehtinen et professoris Lauri Koskenniemi. Edited by Kirsi Hannolin and Seppo Suokunnas. Helsinki: SLEY-kirjat, 1987.

3. ”Oliko kuolleistaherättäminen tavallinen ihme?”, TA 93 (1988): 233-236.

4. ”Sujuva suomenkieli vai asiallinen tarkkuus? Paavalin kirjeiden käännösehdotuksen kritiikkiä,” TA 95 (1990): 200-202.

5. ”Myötätuuleen. Huomioita Martti Nissisen artikkelista,” TA 99 (1994): 80-84.

6. ”Apostoli Paavalin vaiheita ennen kääntymystä,” TA 106 (2001): 38-44.

7. ”Kaksi lähdettä ja paljon spekulaatiota,” TA 107 (2002): 81-82.

8. ”Johdannoksi”, teoksessa Augustinus, Jumalan valtio osa 1 (kirjat 1-10), suom. Heikki Koskenniemi. Juva, 2003, s. 9-21.

9. ”Onko Raamattu liian moniarvoinen normiksi.” Pages 239-255 in Kadonnut horisontti: Näkökulmia uskoon, valtaan ja totuuteen. Edited by  Erkki Koskenniemi, Timo Nisula and Olli-Pekka Vainio. Helsinki: Arkki, 2006.

10. Johdanto teokseen Luentoja Ensimmäisestä Johanneksen kirjeestä, suom. Heikki Koskenniemi. Helsinki: Arkki, 2009, 7-21.

11.  ”Terveys ja sairaus Uuden testamentin näkökulmasta”. Pages 99-115 in Usko, toivo ja terveys - kristillinen usko ja lääkärin työ.  Edited by  R. Puustinen. Hämeenlinna: Minerva, 2009.

12. Anttoora, Marjo – Koskenniemi, Erkki, ”Harrasta teologiaa”, TA (2010): 367.

13. ”Palestiinan juutalaisuus”. Pages 75-89 in Juutalainen Jeesus. Edited by Tom Holmén and Vesa Ollilainen. Studier i exegetik och judaistik utgivna av Teologiska fakulteten vid Åbo Akademi 2011. Åbo: Åbo Akademi

14. ”Pikkulasten kohtelua antiikissa – mitä voimme oppia?”. Pages 102-108 in Crux spes unica – Risti, ainoa toivo. Piispa Olavi Rimpiläinen 75 vuotta, toim. Jouko M.V. Heikkinen ja Veijo Koivula. Vantaa: Aurinkokustannus, 2012.

Book Reviews in International Journals

“Jamblich,      Peri tou Pythagoreiou biou. Pythagoras: Legende – Lehre – Lebensgestaltung. Eingeleitet, übersetzt und mit      interpretierenden Essays versehen von Michael von Albrecht, John Dillon,      Martin George, Michael Lurje, David S. du Toit (SAPERE 4)“. Rezension, Biblische      Zeitschrift, 49 (2005): 155-157.

”Pierluigi Lanfranchi, L’Exagoge      d’Ezéchiel le Tragique: Introduction, texte, traduction et commentaire.”      Review,  JSJ 39 (2008):      419-420.


Martti      Luther, Laki ja evankeliumi. Ensimmäinen ja toinen väittely      antinomilaisia vastaan 1537 ja 1538. Disputationes contra Antinomos I et II. Latinasta suomentanut ja selityksin      varustanut Erkki Koskenniemi. Toimittanut Simo Kiviranta. Helsinki, SLEY-kirjat 1983. ISBN 951-617-575-9.

(suomennoksen uudistustyö) Martti      Luther, Miten Jumala uudistaa kirkkoa. Acht sermone D.      M. Luthers von ihm gepredigt zu Wittenberg in der Fasten      (Invocavitpredigten vom 9.-16. März 1522). SLEY-kirjat 1996

Other Works

Erkki Koskenniemi - Heikki Koskenniemi: Ludus latinus Pars IV, Vocabularia      alphabetica. Kokeilumoniste      1982. Kouluhallitus. ISBN      951-859-264-0

Henrici      Gabrielis Porthan Opera Omnia VIII, ed. Heikki Koskenniemi, Eero      Matinolli, Erkki Koskenniemi, Turku 1983. ISBN 951-99492-9-1.

Jorma Kaimio, Erkki      Koskenniemi, Timo Kovakoski, Matti Oja, Vappu Pyykkö. Thesaurus Latinus. Lukion laajan latinan oppikirja. I. osa: kurssit 1-4. Helsinki 1983. ISBN 951-859-179-2.

Vappu Pyykkö, Erkki Koskenniemi, Martti Nyman, Pirjo      Raiskila, Johanna Thurén: Thesaurus Latinus. Lukion laajan latinan oppikirja II osa      (kurssit 5-8). Helsinki:      Valtion painatuskeskus, 1984. ISBN 951-859-534-8.

(ed.) Luther-CD-ROM. SLEY-kirjat 1996.

(ed.) Kirkon aarteita –      LutherCD 3.0 ja paljon muuta. Sley-Media 2011.

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